Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yart Sale starts today :)

Things are busy busy here! I have two announcements before we move on to the "Home Idea Wednesday" post.

1. The second annual Yart (Yard+Art) sale is going on at Etsy from June 10-14, 2009. I'm participating, and I'm offering buy one, get one free for my in-stock prints (8"x10" size). If you buy an in-stock print, include the name of another in-stock print in the message to the seller, and I'll ship them both together, free of charge. Great deal if you like two of my prints :)

2. I was featured on the Front Page for the first time yesterday! Here's a partial screen shot of the Etsy homepage, my "green pompoms" print is the one featured on the right.

Ok, on to the Home Idea for Wednesday. I discovered this through the Apartment Therapy blog, it's whiteboard paint, so you can turn pretty much anything into a whiteboard! I love whiteboards, but they're not exactly great design most of the time (cheap plastic frames, limited sizes and shapes, etc.). Now you can turn anything flat, including a table or a whole wall, into a dry erase board Here's a link to the article, and whiteboard paint from Idea Paint, Rustoleum, and Markee. On the Idea Paint website, you can also request a free dry sample of their paint, which I totally just did.

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