Thursday, June 11, 2009

Garden Thursday - tiny foods

I wanted to share the soon-to-be fruits of my labor from my deckside container garden. Last year, I bought a very small Meyer lemon tree and a couple of very hardy tomato plants. Side note, I'm not very good with plants, and kill about 50% of what I try to grow. Amazingly, I got both lemons and tomatoes last year, so this year, I decided to go further and expand the offerings in my little garden. I wanted to show you the new tiny fruits coming up in my garden. The past month has been a flurry of new leaf growth and flower blooms, and now it's finally paying off.

There are about 15-20 tiny lemons starting on my lemon tree, and about 50-100 more flowers in bloom!

Strawberries! I really took a chance with this one, but we harvested and ate the first strawberry last weekend, and it was delicious! They really are that red, I didn't modify the image at all!

Tomatoes! We have three tomato plants, a cherry tomato (Super Sweet 100), regular tomato (Early Girl) and heirloom tomato (Some inky purple variety). The cherry tomato plant, seen here, was the first to flower and the first to start developing tiny fruits. They're so cute!

I know this isn't a fruit or vegetable, but I noticed that my tiny, boring cactus plant is starting its annual growth and flowering season. It's such a small plant, only about 4 inches across, but it makes the most beautiful blossoms. You can see two about to open here, and two more tiny ones in the center.

Just wanted to share, I hope you enjoy the photos!


  1. OMG I didn't realize tiny lemons existed! How cute! I just got a mini cherry tomato plant at a farmer's market. I live in an apt with no balcony so I needed something small enough to fit on my windowsill. It grows tiny yellow tomatoes and is able to remain in it's 5 inch diameter pot. It's super convenient

  2. Yeah, that's what they look like when they're first pollinated and start developing, they are super cute!

    I'm impressed that you can grow tomatoes in such a small container, you must be a much better gardener than I :)