Monday, June 22, 2009

Featured Etsy Seller Tuesday - Kate8085!

Today, I’m featuring two wonderful Etsy sellers, Kate and John from Kate8085. Their shop features limited edition art prints in a traditional tattoo style. They are in the tattooing and body piercing business, and make these interesting prints so they can share their artistic style with a wide variety of people. They’re great for people who love the traditional tattoo style as an art form, but may not have access to traditional tattoo artists, or, like me, are too chicken to get a tattoo! I asked them a few questions, and they were kind enough to respond with thoughtful answers. I hope you enjoy getting to know them and experiencing their art!

Hurts Sooo Good Art Print. $5.

Amefaust: Both of you seem to be in the body art business. What made you decide to sell art on Etsy in addition to doing tattoos and piercings?

John is the tattoo artist, and I, Kate, am a body piercer. We both love the traditional side of tattooing, and saw Etsy as a great way to showcase that. Down where we live, not many people want the traditional style when getting tattooed, much less know anything about it. Etsy is wonderful because we can reach so many people, all over the world who love and enjoy the same style that we do, and fill their homes with it! We started painting the minis because we wanted to have an affordable option for people that want one of a kind, original, fine art. They are limited edition, too, so no one else will have anything remotely like it.

Miniature watercolor framed Crown with broken heart, Limited edition. $13.

Amefaust: What influences have contributed to your unique artistic style? Mostly tattoo influences, or something else?

JOHN: Primarily, tattooing is the main influence. Great tattoo artists like Paul Rogers, Jerry
Collins, Owen Jensen, Cliff Raven really influenced me as far as traditional work goes. These artists span from the 1930's to the 1960's. More recent tattoo artists’ work that inspires me are Uncle Allen, Mario Desa, Phil Kyle (a friend of ours), and Martin Lancaster. Artists who are not tattoo-related that I admire would be Pushead and E.J. Repka. Punk rock and skateboarding have always been a huge influence, in my art and in my life.

KATE: Travelling around the States and the world really has influenced me. Architecture, city lights, you name it. Soaking up that environment and seeing different cultures can really inspire amazing pieces. Music, love, my friends, my family, I could go on and on… Life can be extremely inspirational if you just stop and look around every once in awhile. When we were in Amsterdam on our honeymoon, a local told us to stop walking every once in a while and "LOOK UP." It was one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received! Try it some time!

His and Hers Art Print. $5.

Amefaust: I noticed on your blog that you got married recently, congratulations! You seem to have done a lot of DIY for your wedding and reception, do you have any tips for someone else who wants to plan a mostly DIY or handmade celebration like yours?

KATE: DIY is the absolute way to go! I feel it turned out wonderful, and it is amazing how your friends/family will be so excited to contribute to this monumental event. People will pay outrageous amounts for items like centerpieces. We spent one day melting and putting together, and it ended up costing us $6 total a table. I don't think you can even get one flower for $6 in a wedding centerpiece! :) Don't sweat the details - you can easily make the small items like favors, programs, table numbers, etc. All of those add up, and can really drain your budget. Make them yourself, and let your unique side show through. Who wants a boring old cookie cutter wedding, anyhow? Best advice would be to do it YOUR WAY. We have been to so many weddings that were beautiful, but unfortunately did not represent the bride and groom at all. Pour you and your partner's personality into it. The possibilities are endless, and will make for a night of fun and love.

Miniature watercolor framed Take No Sh...., Limited edition. $13.

Thanks, Kate and John! I hope you all check out their shop, Kate8085, and their blog. Good luck to both of you!


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