Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Etsy Find Tuesday - Seller Profile - Dongedyframe!

I've decided to get more in-depth with my "Etsy Find Tuesday" posts, and I found and interviewed a wonderful French photographer for this week's post. Dongedy from Dongedyframe graciously answered my questions, and I'm happy to share a little bit about her with all of you.

Sugar sugar 3 - original fine art photograph print 8x8

Amefaust: Why did you decide to open a photography shop on Etsy? Have you always been a photographer, or was there some event that motivated you to start taking photos to share and sell?

Dongedyframe: I'm fact, I have not always been a photographer. Some years ago, I was working in a French Luxury firm. Four years ago, I left this job to create my own company, an advertising agency. More and more often, I was taking photos to illustrate my customers' prints or websites (always hard to find illustrations in databanks that really fit what you want to say).

Then, thanks to my latest camera, a wonderful Powershot G9 from Canon, and my brand new iMac with Photoshop, i discovered that I had the best tools in hand to create my own artistic world.

At the same time, I was looking for a way to promote my mum's creations (cutey creations made of felt), and I discovered Etsy. I immediately fall in love with this concept, which doesn't exist in France, but something that is so creative and so... human...

...and then I said to myself, "hum hum, why shouldn't I create my own brand with all of those tons of photos that fill up my computer?" This is how my Etsian adventure began...

Cage love (Physalis) - original fine art photograph print 8x8

Amefaust: How did you come up with the interesting idea to use tiny people interacting with food as photo subjects? And where do you get those figurines? They're so detailed and unique!

Dongedyframe: I began working with mini-people last year. I was looking for an idea for a greeting card, ordered by one of my customers, whose firm is a French "├ępicerie." It had to deal with food, sugar, fun, and preparations of the end of the year. I then imagined a small world where everybody had to work hard to make the products that had to be delivered on time for Xmas: sugar, honey, a small team of workers... everything was ready to make one of the best nougats (see my photo called "working hard"). And i'm now having fun trying to find new ideas everyday.

Those tiny people are HOscale and are the ones that model train collectors use in their dioramas. When they meet another world (food, items, flowers, etc.), that creates new surprising situations...

Working hard - original fine art photograph print 8x8

In addition to the little people scene prints that I'm obsessed with, Dongedyframe also has lots of beautiful, dreamlike photos in her shop.

In your eye - original fine art photograph print 5x7

Glycines - original fine art photograph print 8x8

Thanks Dongedyframe, and best of luck to you!

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