Friday, June 5, 2009

New Photo Post Friday - Tide Pool

On our vacation to Moss Beach and Half Moon Bay, we stayed at an inn right near the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, which is famous for its tide pools and seal beaching areas. To really experience the tide pools, the guidebooks said that you had to go when the tide was lower than -1.0 ft. There was only one low tide low enough while we were there, and it was scheduled to happen at 7:30am. This was way too early for John to be up, but I decided that I really needed to see the tide pools while we were there.

Long story short, tide pools and me do not mix. I love seeing all of the animals, and exploring the shallow pools, but the day I was there, it was so early and cold that there were virtually no animals out, and the whole area had been infested with an impossibly slippery type of kelp. I fell in the shallow pools several times, and accidentally poked an exposed anemone. It didn't seem to be injured, fortunately, but I decided that my unsteady footing was too big a risk, and I didn't want to smoosh any more squishies.

I did get a couple of pictures, but not of anything moving, as all of the mobile animals were either sleeping or hiding from my slipping, deadly feet. I got some pictures of a couple of anemones, starfish, and crazy seaweed, though, enjoy!

I have some better pictures from our tide pool exploration at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse, check out my Etsy shop to see a couple of critters I was able to capture (with my camera, of course).

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  1. oh my
    i have never seen photos of a tide pool like these
    i will check out you site as well