Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Etsy Seller Feature - blackbird72!

Today, I have the pleasure of featuring Deirdre of blackbird72. Deirdre takes her own beautiful, dreamlike photographic images and turns them into portable and wearable art. Her shop features wood photo blocks and glass photo rings and pendants. Very unique, beautifully crafted art! I asked her a few questions, I hope you enjoy getting to know this innovative seller!

Wooden Photo Block Pink Buds 1 - $20.00

amefaust: Your images are very beautiful and ethereal; where do you find your photography subjects and what are your criteria for choosing a subject?

blackbird72: I find subjects everywhere I look, most recently in my parent's backyard. It's like a mini park with trees, plants and flowers all in various of stages of life throughout the year. Light and shape is what I look for in items. If I'm in the yard and something is hit with a certain light, I rush inside and grab my camera.

Blades of Green Grass Photo Glass Pendant 1 - $25.00

amefaust: I've lived on both coasts, too, and I know many people who have strong opinions about which coast is better. What do you like better, the East Coast or the West Coast, and why?

blackbird72: I'm a Jersey Girl :) I never really liked living in Los Angeles, it never inspired me as an artist. Only when we went on trips outside of the city did I want to be creative. The best thing about living on the West Coast was my friends, the weather, the beaches and the National Parks. I loved, LOVED the northern areas! I could be happy living there ;) But being back home in NJ, we are closer to family. We needed that support because I have Multiple Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia. Having a toddler is tough enough, but combine that and medical conditions and things can go downhill fast! LOL Plus Los Angeles is wicked expensive!

Purple Crocus Flowers Square Photo Glass Ring 1 - $15.00

amefaust: Were you really born on Halloween? Do you have any interesting stories about that?

blackbird72: Yes, I share my birthday of Halloween with my mother. I always had great birthday parties! When trick-or-treating, the neighbors knew it was my birthday, so they would give me extra candy too!

Wooden Photo Block Green Lilac Buds 2 - $20.00

Thanks for sharing your life and art with us, Deirdre! Good luck with all of your artistic endeavors!