Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm going to be in a craft show!

I'm sorry I've been slow with posting new photographs; there's a bit of a backlog because of my work and personal life (searching for our first home) getting very hectic. We're going on vacation next week, so stay tuned for new blog posts starting Monday, July 13, and possibly some great new photographs from Maine!

I wanted to let you know that I've been invited to join a craft show on July 25th at the Knit One One studio in Berkeley! It's going to be my first craft show ever, and my first opportunity to show off my photography in person, so I'm very nervous but excited. As you can see by looking at my Etsy shop, I haven't made any Etsy sales since opening my shop. I've sold two prints through Made It Myself, but nothing on Etsy yet. I'm hoping some in-person exposure will help increase my sales, and it'll at the very least give me a chance to give out business cards to some local art supporters.

So if you live in the area (or know anyone who does), please try to come to the craft show! It's Saturday, July 25th, at Knit One One (3360 Adeline St, Berkeley, CA - close to Ashby BART). I'll be selling matted and unmatted prints for around $15-25 each, and will probably offer some percent off if you buy more than one print. Thanks!

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