Monday, July 13, 2009

Back from vacation, and new photo post!

Hello, I'm back from my Maine vacation, full of bug bites and wonderful memories of the Allagash brewery in Portland, ME. It's seriously one of the best American craft breweries, and anyone who drinks beer should try it or visit the brewery if they're in the area.

I have a couple of new pictures to share with you, not as many as I'd hoped because the weather didn't really cooperate, but a few nice ones came out of the trip.

This was part of the root system of a fallen tree that had turned into driftwood at Parson's Beach in Southern Maine. I love how the shallow depth of focus allows some of the patterns to be sharp and others sort of dreamily fuzzy.

Pea shoot tendrils climbing and twisting their way around a wire fence. The patterns they make are amazing, and the bright springy green was really beautiful!

Ducklings! We were walking around a wooded path that led to a little inlet, and right as we broke out of the trees and looked down to the shore, we saw a whole gaggle of ducklings and one *very* protective mother. I was only able to get a few shots before the mother put an end to it and led her babies to the other side of the inlet. Aren't they fuzzy and cute?

That's all I have time to prepare for today. I'll post a few more images from this trip later in the week. Have a great day!

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  1. Great photos! I like the little ducks! They are cute.